Trying to save her dog, which fell into the canal, the woman found herself in a difficult situation and demanded the intervention of emergency services. Exhausted, she was about to give up when… (Video)

18 long hours. This is the time that a woman and her dog who fell into a canal in Arizona waited until the police intervened. It is reported by FOX News.

The rescue took place on Thursday, June 9th. The driver of a train passing the canal at Wellton learned of the plight of the man and his pet. He was the one who called the emergency services.

The owner of the dog was working by the river and let her dog off the leash. The dog slipped and fell into the canal. Wanting to help him, his mistress, in turn, was trapped. She desperately clung to the tree and struggled to keep the 25-kilogram animal alive.

“The will to survive is what makes this story great,” says Wellton Police Sergeant Juan Salcido. He was the first to arrive on the scene. He, other police officers, and the Yuma County sheriff’s deputies joined forces to save the duo.

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