To Avoid Bathing, This Dog Has Its Own Technique!

The dog in the video appears to be convinced that by avoiding his owner’s gaze, he will succeed in avoiding the ordeal of bathing. Finally, thanks to a little cunning and the strength of his hands, his owner won.

Some dogs love to bathe, while others give their owners trouble when it comes time to bathe them. Phil belongs to the 2nd category.

This Alaskan Malamute, along with Nico, a female of the same breed, is one of two dogs owned by Emma-Lee Matthews and her husband Shane. The family, who lives in the UK and also has an adorable child, Amelia, as well as a Maine Coon cat named Milo, has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube.

One of their recent posts, a video, shows Phil getting ready to experience the test he hates more than anything: the bath, therefore. He was washed 2 months ago, but this big boy knows how to get dirty quickly, unlike Niko. Shane filled the tub, and everything was ready for the shower, which the four-legged urgently needed, but the four-legged was not at all enthusiastic about climbing into the tub.

The Malamute remained headlong on the tiled floor, refusing to move. It was as if he thought that if he could avoid his master’s gaze, he could escape the «judgment». Shane tried everything, but in vain: a fake invitation for a walk, encouragement, tapping in the tub of water that only Amelia amused…

In the end, he went back to the good old peanut butter trick. He put some on the edge of the tub, then put Phil’s paws on the edge. Attracted by the treat, the dog ended up in the water against his will. The bathing could finally begin.

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