Tired of having to fight for survival and feed her kittens, the cat appeared with her offspring in front of the door of the house, deciding to end her wandering life.

In North Carolina, a stray cat and her two kittens, aged 4 to 5 months, chose to land in front of a resident’s home, tired of the hard everyday life on the streets. They were waiting for us to contact them and help change their lives.
The owner took care of them for a while and then contacted the local association Sparkle Cat Rescue in the hope that they could find loving and caring families for them. When the volunteers came to pick them up, they noticed that the cat was waiting for a new litter. They then approached another organization, Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, to place her in a foster home so that they could give birth in the best possible conditions.

Her two kittens, a male and a female, look alike like two peas in a pod, and are already big enough to be adopted. They are also in foster families awaiting adoption.
Their mother, named Ellie, is «the most affectionate feline,» says Sarah Kelly, founder of Murphy’s Animal Savings Law. The cat is constantly «looking for a knee, a hand, or a place to snuggle up.» She’s so cute.»

When she doesn’t want hugs, Ellie sits outside the window watching the birds and everything that happens outside. She receives all the care she needs and knows that she can give birth and raise her babies in comfort, in complete safety and without missing anything.

Once they are weaned, she is spayed, so that she no longer has to endure the weariness of pregnancy and motherhood. Ellie will then be offered for adoption.

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