Three-legged kitten and her sister, abandoned in the garden, find the key to happiness!

A kind soul woman, accustomed to taking care of cats in trouble, created a foster family. Tiny fluffy lumps were placed in an incubator and pampered around the clock.

Despite all the attention that was given, one of the kittens, named Pancake, lost the battle a few days after arriving. The two survivors, Waffle and Toast, held on with all their might with the help of their benefactress.

Gradually 2 kittens began to gain weight and regain energy. However, Waffle, a black and white cat, was born without one leg. One could believe that this shortcoming hindered him on the path of life. On the contrary, Waffle showed courage and determination.

Despite his stump, the young cat ventured into his new environment. He even insisted on being fed first! The waffle savored every sip of the mixture and felt happy with a full stomach.

As for her sister Toast, she quickly earned the title of Miss Diva. “She’s stubborn, loud and not afraid to speak her mind,” Erin said, “she wants all the attention.»

To close this story, we are happy to inform you that the adorable duo have been adopted. At the age of 10 weeks, Toast and Waffle joined their family.

“Their new mom waited a long time for them to be ready and it was worth the wait,” Erin said, “We are thrilled to be a part of their journey. »

Have a nice trip Toast and Waffle!

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