This underfeed and sick Pit Bull puppy, attacked by another Pit Bull, is entitled to a fresh start!

The Beauty and the Beast Rescue Association, based in Wichita, Kansas, has received a call about a pit bull puppy found in a deplorable state. The poor little dog, found by the man who took her to the veterinary clinic, had been bitten by a much older relative. In addition, he had a swollen head and was very thin.

It was Christmas Eve, but the volunteers knew they couldn’t sit back and waste time. Kristen Sewell, a member of the Beauty and the Beast Rescue Service and the puppy’s current adoptive mother, explains, “In a few days, he definitely wouldn’t have survived. He was 10 months old but weighed less than 2 kg. He was losing his hair due to malnutrition.»

After a few days with his foster family, he lost the ability to use his 2 front legs. Let’s go back to the veterinarian, who found an explanation: the malnutrition from which he suffered weakened the muscles and tendons of his limbs. So Jonah had splints and bandages to support his front legs, and he quickly got used to them.

The association agreed to take care of the medical expenses of a small quadruped named Jonah. Even though he was in very bad shape, Jonah still tried to keep his interest in life. When Kristen and her husband Brian first met him, he was so excited.

After several days of intensive care at the vet, John was able to join Kristen and Brian’s family, which already had other dogs. Among them, a female pit bull named Ariel greatly helped the puppy get better. Acting as an older sister, this dog was not at first spoiled by life either; she was held by her abusive owner before landing at Sewells, so that she ended up missing one leg.

With her foster family, she has found a taste for life and is even ready to set an example for newcomers.

Jonah will soon have a final check-up with the veterinarian before being offered for adoption. Then he will be able to start a completely new life, which we hope will be joyful.

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