This Tik Toker Couple Is Traveling The World For Free Thanks To Animal Welfare

Traveling at a lower cost by practicing a profession of passion. This is the bold challenge that Austin Andrews and Jori Kerr have set themselves. By keeping adorable balls of fur in their home, the couple discovers magnificent places without paying for accommodation. Unique experiences that they share with their community.

Austin Andrews and Jori Kerr took advantage of the confinement to organize their trip around the world. All that remained was to find the solution that would allow them to save money. After considering various options, they come across TrustedHouseSitters. A website that connects pet-sitters with pet owners who want to go away with peace of mind. The ads, available in more than 100 countries, offer to keep pets in the house in exchange for accommodation.

Austin and Jori then see a wonderful opportunity to make their dream come true while satisfying their passion for animals. «We both love pets, so we were immediately super excited,» Jori tells Insider.

After some local experiences, the couple leave work and home in Oregon, USA, and embark on their first international trip in January 2022.

The world-traveling couple have completed their first two-week mission to the Caribbean island of Grenada. They had to babysit Pickle, the dog, and Carib and One-Ear, the two cats of their employers. The house in which they were met was nothing more than a cottage in a hotel. “We walked into the house and were like, ‘Wow, we’re really doing this,’” Jori said.

After that, the couple went to Berlin, Germany to keep two cats, who didn’t need much attention other than a full bowl, plenty of fresh water, and a clean litter box. Austin and Jory then flew to Gibraltar, where they had to take care of a dog named Toby.

Their other missions allowed them to discover the United States from coast to coast. The couple share on TikTok all their adventures. Although the two adventurers still occasionally return to Austin’s parents in Oregon, their goal is to constantly travel.

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