This story is about a stray dog that changed his fate, as well as the fate of her savior.

In the fall of 2021, Mary Delima saw a dog roaming near her Kentucky property and couldn’t get close. Only on January 10, 2022, she managed to see him closer. It was very cold that day, and the border collie decided to sit outside her house, according to The Advocate Messenger.

It was only when she returned home after several errands that Mary Delima found him, as if waiting for her return and help. The animal was very thin and dirty. She walked him in and fed him before calling the local animal control agency to find out what to do.

She was told that an ad would be posted on the service’s website, and if no one picks up the dog in 2 weeks, she can take it. Mary Delima and her family recently lost their dog Bruno, and they didn’t mind the idea of ​​getting another one.

The deadline has passed and no one has come. Thus, Mary Delima was able to accept him. She named him Bo. The Border Collie was examined by a veterinarian who estimated his age at 2 years old. He was also taken to the groomer, and his coats were restored to their original ap
pearance. The quadruped gradually returned to its normal weight, gaining almost 7 kilograms.
In addition, Bo attended dog training classes with professional Cheri Carbone. “This is a calm dog. He doesn’t bark much,» his new owner says of him.

Bo became a savior after being rescued
She runs an equestrian center where her 91-year-old mother Teresa also lives. Bo loves the latter. Every morning when she takes her medicine, he stands by her side and waits for her to finish so he can kiss her.
A few months after Beau’s adoption, Teresa suffered a stroke. She was returning from a walk and, entering the driveway leading to the house, she fainted. The daughter did not notice this, because she gave the children riding lessons. His dog, he was well aware of this.

The Border Collie began to run back and forth, run and bark, obviously trying to get the attention of the owner. Intrigued by Beau’s unusual attitude, Mary Delima finally understood when one of her students, seeing Teresa on the floor, warned her. “Her oxygen dropped to 88 and she was shaking, laying in the heat,” she said.

Everyone ran to Teresa to rescue her. First, they put her in an air-conditioned car and gave her oxygen. After 20 minutes she was much better. Bo continued to fidget and bark. He only relaxed and calmed down when Mary Delima’s mother was driven home and sat down in her chair. It was as if at that moment he said to himself: “Okay, she is back where she belongs,” recalls her owner.

Cheri Carbone said “What this dog has done is really special. And it’s good that people know that you don’t have to raise him young to be so dedicated.»

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