This split-nosed little dog is desperately looking for a home after a life of being locked up.

Puppies should be socialized by their owner from 3 months of age. This training allows the dog to feel comfortable in any environment and situation: city, countryside, noises, relatives, etc. Peppa, she has not yet had the opportunity to familiarize herself with home life. She had to learn everything at the orphanage and is now looking for masters to help her discover the world.

In February 2022, the RSPCA Cotswolds Dog and Cat Shelter in Gloucestershire, England, received two dogs from the same home. Peppa, 1 year old, and her brother George. 2 dogs lived before that in a house from which they never left. Their overprotective existence has completely isolated them from the world. So they were very nervous when they arrived at the orphanage.

The split-nosed dog saw her buddy George get adopted very quickly. But Peppa needed to learn everything before joining her new home. Thankfully, thanks to the dedication of volunteer Lauren Bohin, she came out of her shell. «Peppa and George were very excited when they first arrived, so we knew it would take a lot of time and patience for them to build up their confidence,» Lauren told the Mirror.

Peppa reacted to people and relatives. But her savior quickly realized that it was all out of fear and that in time she would realize that no one wanted to harm her. Lauren put a lot of effort into this, and Peppa eventually let go.

“One of the most memorable moments I had with her was when she slowly walked up to me, sat on my lap and licked my face. I really felt like I finally earned her trust, ”Lauren explained.

Peppa’s socialization also involved dog trainers. From now on, she enjoys playing with friends dogs and cats from the shelter. In addition, strangers no longer give him problems. “As time goes on, she reveals more and more who she really is: a sassy little dog who can give a lot of love,” Lauren said.

“She loves to exercise. Most of all she enjoys snuggling up on the couch, having fun with her toys, learning new commands and using her nose to practice her sense of smell,” the young woman concluded.

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