This shelter cat is living the best life with her adopted family, surrounded by love and kittens. And sometimes it was terrible…

The Arlington Animal Welfare Yoke is an association based in Virginia, in the eastern United States. She recently took care of a pregnant cat for about 2 years.

Named Freckles, she immediately became affectionate with everyone at the orphanage, purring and constantly asking for attention and affection. She did the same when she was entrusted to Asya, the association’s volunteer foster mother.

The tortoiseshell cat was clearly thrilled to have a roof over her head, good food available to her, and being surrounded by loving people. She quickly became attached to Asya.

The latter stayed by her side as soon as she went into labor. Freckle finally gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens. “It was a long night for the new mom, we were up until about 3 am,” the volunteer said. Everyone is healthy and happy, that’s the main thing.»

Asa was there to take care of her and feed her, and she did the same for her kittens. Then she began to allow herself short breaks, which she took advantage of to show her affection for her benefactress. “I thought maybe she was like this because of her pregnancy, but her behavior has not changed at all since she had children,” she said.

When the kittens are large enough and independent, they can be offered for adoption. Just like Freckles, who is first spayed so that she no longer has to endure the fatigue of motherhood and live her cat life to the fullest.

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