This little kitten, rescued under very sad circumstances, took the lead and found his calling!

Kesley Minier is a volunteer with Indy Humane , a daily animal welfare organization based in Indianapolis , Indiana , USA . One day, her friend discovered a ginger kitten alone in the rain on the side of a dirt road. The mother was nowhere to be seen, and the little cat was obviously hungry. So she contacted Kesley to take care of him.

Despite the living conditions, the baby named Jasper was healthy. «My friend named it Jasper in reference to the red jasper stone,» Kesley told Love Meow. He felt completely at ease in his new home with unlimited food and a very cozy nest. Jasper grew well, and when he received a certificate from the veterinarian that he was healthy, he was able to enjoy his foster companions, including a chicken, with whom he shared his strawberry-shaped basket.

The older Jasper got, the more time he spent with Kesley’s animals, and not in the shelter’s cat room. After all, he only went to this room to enjoy a new friendship with a kitten named June, who was only 2 days old when he arrived. “When June was old enough to walk, Jasper learned to run,” Kesley explained. He then taught her martial arts and hugged her while sleeping.

At the same time, Jasper was spoiled by Kesley’s dog Penny and an elderly cat, Tucker. An amazing fact, because grandfather usually preferred to remain silent in his corner.

It was obvious that Jasper had found his place. “We liked it, so we kept it. We have decided to make him an official member of our family,» Kelsey said.

Since then, Jasper has been encouraging fearful newbies to gain confidence. He also participates in the socialization of orphaned kittens. “As each new group of adopted kittens arrived after the quarantine period, Jasper would come into the room to train them,” Kesley said.

Now a two-year-old magnificent red cat is indispensable help in a shelter. «When Jasper isn’t taking care of the kittens, he can be found napping in one of his many cat trees, hanging out on the outdoor patio with Tucker, teasing his dog sister Penny, or snuggling up to my neck,» his owner said.

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