This is the story you need now. Oh, Delilah… “She just caught us by surprise at a distance of 1500 km from home”

An adorable red-haired cat surprised her owners after they had just come a long way and thought they left without her.

In late July, his owner Andrea Scholten, her husband and children left their home in St. Albans, Maine to travel by motorhome to an air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 2,000 kilometers away.

Their cat Delilah wasn’t supposed to be on the trip, but gave them a huge surprise. It wasn’t until they arrived in Toledo, Ohio, nearly 1,500 kilometers from their home, that they realized it.

During this stop, they opened the trailer door and, with amazement, found themselves face to face with the feline. Everyone was shouting, “Delilah! “says Andrea Scholten. They were both surprised and delighted to find her.

Then the family bought everything necessary for the cat on the spot: food, filler, a collar on which you could write her name … “We were not at all ready for this,” admits Andrea.

She thinks Delilah slipped into the RV while it was loading, just before leaving.

Unexpected air show star

By sharing their story on social media, they became celebrities, especially when they arrived at the EAA AirVenture 2022 event in Oshkosh. His success was such that one of the planes painted a cat in the sky as a token of her adventure.

On the way home, the family found time to visit Niagara Falls. An experience that Delilah clearly appreciated.

Next year, she won’t have to sneak into her men’s car, as they’ve already made a plan to take her to Oshkosh.

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