This is the biggest rescue you’ve ever heard about! 98 dogs, can you imagine?

Reportedly, 98 different breeds of dogs were rescued. Animals have had serious consequences due to neglect. Today everyone is doing great thanks to the volunteers.
In December 2021, Ms. Walton and her team were called to help. Around 100 dogs have been found in appalling conditions in New South Wales. The poor were malnourished and mistreated.

Canines, Siberian Huskies, Greyhounds and Australian Shepherds have for the most part been unneutered and bred. They also fought over some food being handed out over the fence, resulting in serious injuries.

“They were all in a pen, they had no shelter, they had matted hair and flies everywhere. We thought some specimens had died. Luckily, that didn’t happen,» volunteer Dee Walton said.

The dogs were afraid of people. They never knew the love and benevolence of the master. It took the volunteers several hours to place them in the transport cages. “There were pregnant females and some with puppies that lived under refrigerators. We had to stagger to get the babies out,” Dee said.

The dogs were transferred to various associations in the region and examined by veterinarians. They were then treated, spayed, dewormed, vaccinated and identified.

“The conditions they lived in were terrible, they didn’t even know what grass was. Many of them had to go through extensive rehabilitation,” Ms. Walton explained.

It really was the bulk of the work. Dog trainers have shown patience and kindness to socialize dogs before they are trained. They were to learn the basics of walking on a leash, the orders necessary for their safety in the outdoors, and the rules of living in the home.

Today they are ready to integrate into a loving home where they can live happy days. The various shelters are proud of the progress they have made and hope that their protégés will soon embark on a new life.

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