This is nothing less than a wonder! The cat desperately waited for someone to come and rescue her!

The cat was rescued by firefighters after she was surrounded by flames and thick smoke at her owners’ home.

The rescue took place on Tuesday, August 16, in Chandler, Texas. That same evening, around 8:30 pm local time, Brownsboro, Smith County, and Chandler County crews responded to a fire that broke out at the homestead.

The residents, including their dog, managed to leave the premises in time, but not their cat Nala. Under the influence of panic, the latter escaped from the hands of her masters when they left the house in the grip of the flames. The cat rushed back inside.

Firefighters from the Chandler Fire Department dealt with the blaze from the back of the house, while their counterparts from Brownsboro and Smith dealt with the front.

The firemen came looking for Nala, who they eventually found hiding under a bed in her parents’ bedroom. She fainted from inhaled smoke and intense heat.
She was quickly evacuated, then rescuers began to resuscitate her. They used a pet oxygen mask and tried to lower his body temperature. After a few minutes, Nala slowly came to her senses.

Her owner immediately took her to a veterinary clinic in Tyler, about twenty minutes away. The cat was placed under observation overnight and was able to return home the next morning safe and sound.

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