This is a dog that was lucky to get out of hell. He has struggled so hard until now that he cannot be left alone. Tap the link and watch a video!

Food, drink and breath, basic needs that Owen couldn’t adequately meet due to a double fracture of his jaw. Taking this restless soul under its wing, the Action Protection Animal Association (APA) gave him hope for a better life.

The Belgian Malinois, who responded to the name Owen, could not eat, drink and breathe normally, like his relatives.

And in vain! Cannot fully open her mouth due to fracture of two jaws.

The animal, relatively hungry, was undoubtedly the victim of malice when it was small. In any case, that was the opinion of the veterinarians who examined him. As a result of this shock, the wound was not treated by its former owner. Result: the lower jaw did not develop, and its muscles atrophied. Over time, his jaw rejoined, but in a closed position.

Despite the hardships he endured and the discomfort that tormented him every day, the association described Owen as «a charming and affectionate dog, a true gem». Seeing the endless love that blossomed in him, as well as his rage for life, Action Protection Animale decided to work hard with specialists to help him spread his wings and fly away from this hell forever.

After several visits to the doctor, surgery turned out to be the best solution. Unfortunately, this operation was not only technically difficult and expensive, but also risky. Anesthesia was a real sword of Damocles. “What’s dramatic about this dog is that if it had been taken care of sooner, we wouldn’t be here,” veterinarian Isabelle Valen told the volunteer, “but we have to try and we’ll get there.»

Thanks to the deft strokes of the scalpel, the Malinois got a second wind. “He was hospitalized for 2 days because it was very painful,” admitted Ann-Claire Chauvancy, “I must also say that we had to break his jaw in order to restore everything in his mouth. A merry sniffling and tail wagging: the sick man could not help cheering his benefactor as he joined her soothing embrace.

This life-saving intervention allowed the mouth to open about 8 or 9 centimeters. The great victory was made possible by numerous financial donations.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Owen threw off his uncomfortable rags and began a new life with his guardian angel. Yes, Ann-Claire Chauvansey made him a full member of her family. “I think we were in love with each other, and now it will be very difficult for us to leave,” she said.

However, the violence she faced in the past grabbed her soul and tore it apart. The fighter suffered psychological consequences. “This is an animal that, even if it looks very playful, is still very afraid, especially of people and certain objects,” said his owner.

The latter will selflessly accompany him on the path to recovery from beginning to end. Ann-Clair and Owen together, hand in hand, overcame various difficult trials.
A dog that has won a difficult obstacle course can now contemplate the dawn of his new life in complete peace of mind.

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