This injured dog went missing 7 months ago and didn’t think it could happen anytime soon.

A touching reunion took place at a New Jersey shelter between a dog who disappeared 7 months ago and his family. The wounded animal is in need of expensive care, and its owners have adopted a kitten to help it out.
After 7 months of disappearance and almost 130 kilometers of travel, the dog has finally found its owners. The moment was captured and shared on social media.

The misadventures of the dog in question, named Teddy, began in California. Seriously injured after being bitten by relatives, he was abandoned by his former owner and ended up in an orphanage in Los Angeles. After the operation, he was offered an adoption, but time was running out and there were no adopters, meaning he was in danger of being euthanized.

Moved by his story, it was Washington D.C. resident Salvatore Della Monica who adopted him in May 2021. Thus, Teddy’s new life began on the other side of the United States.

Unfortunately, the dog disappeared the following month during a family trip to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

The four-legged family has opened an online wallet to help fund his care. In reality, Teddy has bullet fragments stuck in his leg and suffers from various disorders, both physical and psychological; post-traumatic stress and, in particular, Lyme disease.

Donations quickly poured in and the $10,000 goal was exceeded.

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