This dog was very sick! Luckily, the medical help combined with the love of his family changed him.

Doodles, a 6-year-old terrier mix, endured a terrible ordeal. He was dragged along the road by a malicious person. He tied it to the back of his car and drove at high speed.

Therefore, the poor animal was covered with external and internal wounds.

Luckily, the man witnessed the scene and was able to help him when the rope broke. The kid lay in a ditch.

The Good Samaritan took him to Dogs Trust Ireland, where he was rushed in. It turned out that Doddles suffered a concussion, open wounds and an unprecedented injury.
Doddles was treated and relieved from pain with medication. In order for him to recover quickly, it was decided that he would be placed in a foster family, and not in a box in an orphanage.

“What happened to Doodles is just terrible. This is a test that should never be subjected to an animal. We’ve done everything we can to get him back on his feet,» Aymer Cassidy, Regional Director for Rehoming at Dogs Trust Ireland.

After a few weeks, the dog was unrecognizable. The love received by his new home completely changed him.
His Good Samaritans became so attached to him that they decided to adopt him permanently.

“We are so grateful to the person who reported the incident and the family who took him in and helped bring him back to the fantastic state he is in today,” said Aymir Cassidy.

He also added that he regrets the growing number of such acts of animal cruelty, but the volunteers who work alongside him give him hope for humanity.

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