This dog swims to shore a few kilometers after falling out of his owner’s boat. He had to wait 5 long days before finding her.

This dog has shown that daily exercise allows him to sometimes get out of dangerous situations. It was thanks to her endurance that she reached the shore safe and sound after several kilometers of swimming. Her owner was devastated to lose her and had to wait 5 long days before finding her.

Keith Soffes is a fisherman from San Leon, Texas, USA. He is used to taking his dog named Monster with him to the sea. The young Monster has sea legs and is happy to help get shrimp. “She grabs the net and pulls with all her might to help me,” Keith confirmed to People.

Unfortunately, on May 26, 2022, not everything went according to plan. The whale spread his nets all the way to the shore, but when he turned around, the Monster was gone. “I thought to myself, where is she? It was in the middle of a bay in open water, about 7 kilometers from the mainland,” Keith explained. It was obvious that the Monster went too far.

The man was devastated by the loss of his dog, but did not give up. “My heart sank. I couldn’t even speak. I took my GPS coordinates and said we would find her,» Keith said.

Keith cannot come to terms with the tragic loss of his faithful Monster. «It’s been 5 days… She couldn’t swim that far,» the dejected owner posted on social media.

However, the woman noted that she saw a dog in the city park that matched the description of the Monster. Keith was speechless and reunited with his beloved dog. “I cried so much for joy, and she gave me so many kisses,” said Keith.

Monster does not appear to have been traumatized by the experience. She quickly returned to her habits both at home and on the boat. However, Keith bought a dog life jacket.

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