This dog spent 7 days on the side of the road because his owner told him not to move. Luke was no exception to this rule, which could have cost him his life.

A well-trained dog will always obey his master’s commands. Luke was no exception to this rule, and ironically, that could cost him his life. His story is the most touching.

Among the basic commands to teach a dog, «don’t move» takes a lot of work to be perfectly integrated. In this case, the animal will stick to it no matter what.
Luke is a dog that has received a good upbringing. However, for some unknown reason, his master decided to part with him.

It was in Moscow, Russia that the history of this bold German Shepherd cross began. The owner forced him to get out of the car to the side of the road and ordered him not to move. Luke complied and the motorist also restarted and hasn’t been seen since. The whole scene took place in front of a woman who worked in a nearby restaurant.
Taking pity on the animal, she tried to remove him from his post, but Luke was determined to carry out the order of his master, who had just got rid of him. The lady managed to still be able to feed him daily for 7 days. Yes, Luke waited in vain for 7 days for his master…

In the end, he only agreed to leave the place thanks to another woman, Elena Knyazeva. While volunteering at a shelter, she took him there and thus allowed him to meet other boarding dogs who had also endured loneliness and trauma.

Little by little, the German Shepherd mix learned to appreciate life with its relatives. He even made a very close friend, a dog named Dennis.

Today the best friends are in Toronto, Canada. They are living their best life and it’s worth it!

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