This dog has everything to create a happy family, but no one is interested, because he is not a “purebred”.

Arthur is a dog full of qualities, but at the shelter where he has been living since his rescue from the street, he does not arouse the interest of visitors. The latter prefers purebred dogs, but he does not. However, the association’s employees do not despair, seeing how he finds a loving family.

«I was a hungry stray [dog], but now I’m grateful for a warm bed, a full stomach, and hugs from the staff.» In a statement released by Jerry Green Dog Rescue, dog Arthur takes the stage to tell his story and share his hopes.

Arthur is a lurcher, in other words, a greyhound mix. A three-year-old has been living in this Nottinghamshire shelter since he was found on the street, abandoned to his fate and without access to food. At the time, he didn’t know what it meant to be loved, reports the Mirror.

I love playing with toys, especially soft toys. These are my favorites! My friends here say I’m the nicest boy in the world,” the post continues. Arthur lacks qualities. Regardless, prospective adopters don’t shove in front of his box.

We are convinced within the association that visitors are more interested in purebred dogs.

Arthur is always looking for «a home where he can be someone’s best friend». If he is shy, he is motivated by food and can bond with people if he has some time. Can cohabitate with relatives and children over 3 years old, but not with small pets, such as rodents.

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