This dog always stays close to the owner for his safety and gives him confidence in life!

Falling into despair and isolation due to illness, a young British woman was able to see the end of the tunnel thanks to her help dog. Everything changed in her life with the arrival of Olivia.

“I have the perfect dog with me and my life has never been better. I wouldn’t change a thing.» These are the words of Faye Butler, a 27-year-old young woman living in Basingstoke, about sixty kilometers west of London. The dog in question is actually a female dog. This is a Labrador Retriever mix named Olive.

She was specially trained to alert Faye Butler when she was about to pass out. His mistress then manages to sit up and run to safety in anticipation of a fall.
Faye Butler was an active and happy teenager until she suddenly passed out. Since then, episodes of extreme fatigue and fainting have become more frequent, as have her hospitalizations in the emergency room. Her daily life became more and more difficult.

Examinations revealed that she had a postural tachycardia syndrome (PST), corresponding to an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs during the transition to a sitting and standing position. She also suffered from gastroparesis, a chronic stomach condition.
Faye Butler couldn’t go out alone. She gradually isolated herself and lost confidence in herself and in life. She couldn’t even tie her shoelaces or pass out.

Olivia brought her back to life

In 2018, she heard about Medical Detection Dogs, an organization that trains medical assistance and detective dogs. Then she met Olivia and it was love at first sight.

However, she had to wait because there was a Covid pandemic. Then, in March 2021, Faye Butler and Olive can finally be together forever.
“I remember how comfortable I was with her. I was not afraid to be in public. This wave of relief washed over me,” says the girl. The dog soothes and soothes her. This allowed her to regain her lost autonomy and social life.


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