This Dog Abandoned Over The Shelter’s Fence Hopes To Find A New Loving Family

In England, shelter staff made a surprising discovery when they arrived there in the morning. A dog was waiting in the establishment, which did not belong to its tenants. Looking through the images from the security cameras, the volunteers realized that they were dealing with an abandoned dog.

A dog thrown over a shelter fence has been adopted by an association looking for a loving family for him. This is reported by the Daily Record.

The RSPCA volunteers in Hull, in the North East of England, couldn’t believe their eyes. Arriving at the shelter in the morning, they found a German Shepherd cross calmly waiting at the foot of the reception area’s enclosing wall.

That was announced on the association’s Facebook page: “Unexpected arrival on Sunday morning! When you arrive at work and find a dog inside the fence ready to greet you even though it’s not your dog. »

Surprise then turned to sadness when CCTV footage showed what happened a few hours ago. The dog in question was pushed over the fence in a clear and cowardly act of refusal.

Mac could be adopted soon

Your Mac is now safe and in good hands. The RSPCA team in Hull takes care of him and gives him a lot of love. Everyone is under the spell of this sweet and kind creature.
Volunteers prepare him for a new start in life. Soon he will be available for adoption, and everyone hopes that he will not have to wait long to find a family.

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