Deafness doesn’t stop her… How brave is that! Tap the link and watch a video.

The avenues, streets, lanes of London hold no secrets for Sigrid, the cat who cycles through them every day with her owner. Her deafness doesn’t stop her from taking full advantage of those two-wheelers that made her famous on social media.

Seeing them pass, people smile or are surprised. Travis Nelson loves to ride his bike around London, and his deaf cat Sigrid sits proudly in the basket at the front of the bike, her gorgeous white coat fluffed up by the wind.

This Norwegian has a huge following, both on the streets of the British capital and on Instagram, where the duet she forms with her cyclist man is followed by 118,000 followers.

Travis Nelson explains that it all started during the first confinement imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to a health crisis, he lost his job and started cycling around the city. “One day,” he continues, “I thought it would be fun to take Sigrid with me, so I put her in a bicycle basket. She loved it, so we’ve been doing it all the time ever since.»

Sitting comfortably in the basket, Sigrid is tied to a leash for her safety. A GoPro camera captures their walks around London as people often come to meet them. The reaction of the cat to them depends on her mood at the moment; he sometimes accepts their caresses in the same way that he sometimes whistles to express his disagreement.

The beautiful Sigrid has her favorite places in London. She especially appreciates the shops of Covent Garden in the West End, the Daisy Cafe on England’s Lane where sweets await her, or even Regent’s Park where she tries in vain to chase squirrels. And don’t count on her to hide when she comes face to face with a much larger animal. Like a good Norwegian Forest cat, Sigrid «doesn’t afraid of anything,» assures her owner.

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