This cute kitty has finally found her home and doesn’t want to leave it anymore!

Wearing a collar is not usually what felines prefer. But for Elka, this meant that she would never wander again. She has found love at home thanks to the Good Samaritan who gives her all the attention she hoped for.

Elka is an 18 year old cat who has had a hard life. Its former owner, unfortunately, removed the claws in order not to damage the interior. Violent action that causes severe pain is prohibited in France and is tantamount to amputating part of an animal’s finger and causing irreparable damage.

The man then cowardly abandoned his poor kitten to the wild cat colony next door.

Luckily, the Good Samaritans spotted her and contacted Brenda Wilkinson, founder of the Hands of Mercy cat sanctuary, who came to her rescue.
Elka was afraid of people. The poor thing was also in a very sad state, so that her savior doubted her ability to recover. However, she was determined to change her life.

Therefore, Elka was taken to the veterinarian, who prescribed her a lifelong treatment aimed at neutralizing the adverse effects of her intestinal problems. “I really felt like we didn’t have much time together. So I did everything to make her feel loved,” said Brenda.

One day, when Brenda was putting collars on several other tenants, Elka glared at her. So the woman offered him a bright orange one, which she hung around his neck.

“I distinctly felt her joy. She seems to think: Oh God, someone loves me. I have a home again,” Brenda explained. This is evidenced by videos posted on Facebook. The kitten sends a gentle paw sign as a thank you.

Elka has been living with Brenda for 6 months now. Contrary to the vet’s prediction, she’s in great shape. “She is persistent and will not accept refusal for an answer. She has a strong personality,” Brenda joked.

The woman decided to leave this small, tender creature with her. This way, she will be able to enjoy a peaceful retirement with her loving and charming foster mother. «And she’ll never have to know what it’s like to no longer wear a necklace, because now she’s at home,» concluded Brenda.

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