This Cocker Spaniel Became The First Dog In The World To Learn To Play Hopscotch

Leo is an extraordinary dog. After surviving a parasitic infection in 2020 that nearly claimed his life, the Cocker Spaniel found a new life by learning many tricks from his mistress, Emily Anderson. Last: hopscotch game.

Emily Anderson, 31, lives in Aberdeen, Scotland with her 3-year-old Cocker Spaniel. Both have been practicing for months to perfect his latest trick. Leo jumps from square to square across the carpet in hopscotch like an acrobat. A videotaped feat that is surprising internet users and has already racked up almost 270,000 views, 16,100 likes and 105 positive comments.

The young owner is always on the lookout for new ideas, and «Leo is definitely the happiest when he learns something new,» Emily told the Metro newspaper.

When she goes to the store to get art supplies for Leo, she comes face to face with a colorful hopscotch carpet. She had no idea that this activity would become her dog’s favorite. “I never thought he would end the streak. she admits.

This is the hardest trick a little dog has ever learned. However, once Leo understood the principle, he fell into a rhythm. And it brings him a lot of joy, as Emily says: “He likes it. It makes him so happy!

The enthusiasm is so great that Emily now gives advice to owners who want to experience the experience with their dog. His inbox is full of messages about this. To this day, no dog compares to Leo in practice.

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