This Cat Doesn’t Recognize His Best Dog Friend After Groomer’s Radical Haircut (Video)

Animals recognize each other not only by smell, but also by appearance. This cat proves it! He is convinced that his mistress brought home a stranger, although this is indeed his faithful companion, but with a different appearance after his visit to the groomer.

Amanda Alkmim is the proud owner of Milly, a lively street cat, and Lupim, an invasive dog. These 2 undermine the expression «get along like a dog and a cat.» Indeed, «they are best friends,» Amanda told The Dodo. They play together for hours and then gain strength in a common basket.

When the little Bichon Maltese turned out to be with an indomitable coat, the hostess decided to take him to the groomer.

Lupim washed himself well, his nails were shortened and he was drastically trimmed. His eyesight was clear and his coat was loose and he was ready to go home to find his friend Millie. But the welcome she gave him was not what he expected.

As we can see in the video, Milly mistakes Lupim for a completely different dog. She seems convinced that her mistress left her friend somewhere and returned with a stranger. Therefore, she gives him a reception full of distrust, even aggressiveness. Millie arches her back, lifts her hair, and growls in displeasure. Lupim doesn’t seem to understand why the cat is in such a state. «It was very embarrassing,» said Amanda.

Luckily, after a few minutes, Millie realized that it was indeed her friend with a little less hair. They soon rediscovered their connection. “Millie was shocked to see Lupim after the groomer, but they are friends again,” said Amanda.

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