This cat, as beautiful inside as outside, was close to euthanasia… But fate decreed otherwise!

Chaoz was shipwrecked 2 years ago. During its existence, the animal survived strong storms; after an unsuccessful fall, he developed cauda equina syndrome (nerve compression in the hind limbs). As he suffered from urinary and fecal incontinence after this tragic incident, his former owner took him to a veterinarian to be euthanized. This is how his somewhat chaotic journey was supposed to end…

But the paramedic decided otherwise and contacted Cat’s City Cergy volunteers, who immediately agreed to take care of him. Dangerously rowing towards death, the cat embarked on another boat: towards life.

Chaoz is a survivor. After a safe arrival, the cat received all the necessary assistance from her rescuers. A cozy nest has been arranged for him, where he feels at home.

“He had his tail amputated long before he got to us,” Lucy explained, “he constantly urinates in small drops. We shaved his lower body, washed him and put cream on him, because the skin on his buttocks is easily irritated.»

The team turns heaven and earth to make him happy. However, caring for a disabled animal requires a lot of work and patience. “We made the decision not to put a diaper on him to avoid maceration,” our interlocutor added, “we clean the floor and change bedding every day, twice a day.»

The headquarters of the association is located in a large house, the courtyard of which is fully guarded so that residents can walk in the fresh air. Chaoz has taken up residence on the ground floor and keeps company with other battered people awaiting adoption. Meanwhile, Chaoz had already found his permanent family.

Love reigns in this feline kingdom. Chaoz, who is about 7 years old, is very attached to «his household.» Qualified as a «cat-dog», he loves to follow them around and enjoy their tenderness. “He has a hypnotic look, when you look into his eyes, you no longer want to turn away from him,” our interlocutor appreciated, “his big blue eyes thank us every day. We’ll take care of him while we can. »

A few years earlier, Chaoz narrowly escaped death. Today he develops in a safe environment and receives all the love he has always deserved. Gratitude and love shine like a thousand lights in his Riviera eyes.

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