This adorable puppy was cowardly thrown into the trash because of his disability. God and good people helped him!

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home ( CDCH ) posted the sad news on their social media.
A woman found a two-month-old Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy in a trash can in Gloucester, England.

The Good Samaritan immediately called the rescue station, which took her to a veterinary clinic. Indeed, the volunteers immediately noticed that she could not walk easily.

Therefore, Winnie, by her nickname, underwent a full examination, which revealed a congenital dislocation of the elbow on the front leg.

“Unfortunately, we assume that is why it was thrown out. It’s likely that the previous owner couldn’t afford to look after her and decided to leave her when she needed help,» a spokesperson said.

To ensure punishment for this heinous act, the RSPCA launched an investigation. She invites anyone who might have information to speak up.
At the same time, Winnie got into a warm foster family, where she is now pampered.

“Vinnie is so charming, she is very friendly and a very fast learner,” said Ebony, already under her spell.

Unfortunately, Vinnie’s paw cannot be repaired. She will have to undergo an amputation within 15 weeks.

“It could have happened before or after birth and not been treated. All we know is that this is an old injury due to bone fusion,” the shelter explained.

However, she will be able to live quite normally with 3 members. Therefore, Vinnie will benefit from rehabilitation through physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

“For now, we are managing her the way she is and making sure she is comfortable, happy and loved,” the rep added.

The resulting veterinary costs are enormous for the organization. So she invited the community to sponsor Winnie by making a donation.

Almost 2,800 euros have been raised so far. A good amount that will cover 1700 euros for the operation, as well as part of the treatment and related costs.

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