This adorable dog always looks surprised for a very special reason.

Each dog is unique and has its own characteristics. Belle, a young rescue dog, was born with a birth defect that leaves her looking like she’s constantly stunned. His mistress is madly in love and would not change her appearance for anything in the world.

Deprived O’Connor, 38, lives in Tyler, Kansas, USA, with his faithful four-legged friend named Belle. She did adopt her in 2017, when she was in the care of the Lawrence Humane Society shelter, which specializes in rescuing stray or abused animals.

Belle, a Doberman mix, has always had a beautiful little banal face. She suffers from a birth defect that causes her facial muscles to stretch backwards. Therefore, his eyelids are constantly raised.

Fortunately, Belle lives normally, without inconvenience. Deprived simply has to regularly moisturize the eyes with drops designed for this purpose.

Her sweet personality fills her family with joy. “Belle is very sweet and a bit clumsy. If dogs could laugh, she would certainly laugh a lot,» her owner told , before adding, «She’s gentle with other animals and great with children.»


When Belle and Lichen went for a walk, the locals, surprised by her expressive face, called the duo for clarification and ended up admitting that she was especially cute.

So the woman created a TikTok account dedicated to her best friend.

It didn’t take long for the community to fall in love with the atypical young dog. To date, she has over 160,000 subscribers and every video gets a lot of response.

In particular, we can read in the comments: “His facial expression makes my heart overflow. She is the cutest dog on TikTok, I love her so much” or even “She seems to be surprised all the time, it makes me laugh out loud.”

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