They tried to save a cat that got under the hood of the car. However, the cat wanted adventure …

Upon learning that the kitten had stuck under the hood of the car, several people joined forces to try to free him. However, the little feline didn’t make it easy for them, quite the contrary.
In the multi-story parking lot of the Kanawha County Courthouse in West Virginia, staff, volunteers and law enforcement banded together to rescue a distressed but uncooperative kitten.

On Tuesday, July 12, at the end of the morning, a driver who had just parked his car heard a meow from under the hood. It came from Marmet, about twenty kilometers away, and therefore the animal most likely made its way all the way in the engine bay.

He then got out, then hid under another parked car. Court officials tried to take him away. They were assisted by a deputy sheriff and then by a local volunteer who called himself PigPig Of St. Albans.
When they tried to help him, the kitten did not let himself be taken. He even bit one of them.

» Teamwork «
They were joined by Diana Lucas from the local Dream Away cat shelter. She describes the intervention as «teamwork». In fact, everyone brought their stone into the building during this rescue.

She explains that another volunteer, Megan McNeely, is the person who finally managed to catch the kitten. “She was with him all morning,” she says. We were both under the Hummer in work clothes. I was in the back and could see it, and she and a young man we didn’t know were downstairs. I gave directions where he was and what to do. The deputy sheriff and his colleague were standing in front of the car.

At noon, the cat was finally released and taken care of by Dream Away Cat Rescue. Soon he found a loving family. A colleague’s grandmother adopted him. Now his name is Cherokee.

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