These two policemen did much more than rescue a dog and her puppies found in an abandoned house.

Two policemen from Detroit (USA) rescued a dog and two of her puppies living in an abandoned house. This operation turned out to be much more than a simple rescue…
This is the story that warms our hearts. On December 26, 2021, two Detroit police officers answered the call of a dog dangling outside an abandoned house. When they arrived, Gabriel Rogers and Hussein Qurani noticed that the animal was frightened. “She just didn’t want to leave the place,” one of the officers said.

After filling her stomach with a few treats, they gradually gained her trust. The dog quickly let them into the home.
Inside, the partners found the scene worse than expected. «I remember saying, ‘Oh my God,’ then I saw a puppy lying on an old mattress, and looked at him for a second, thinking, ‘Is he alive?’ «, Gabrielle Rogers explained.

The tiny ball of fur stuck in the spring was fortunately saved. But during the maneuver, rescuers found another small dog in the stuffing of the mattress. He, too, got out unharmed.

After this rescue, the mother and her cubs were taken care of by Aries Doberman Liberation Rescue based in Grand Rapids. A dog named Minerva is being treated for a heartworm. After her recovery, she will be offered for adoption. As for Harry Potter and Hermione, his puppies also receive care, in particular, when a hernia is found to a male dog.

The puppies already have their future planned… Indeed, the agents who took them out of their misery decided to adopt them as soon as they were ready. The two heroes fell in love with these adorable creatures.

Harry and Hermione will never again be satisfied with an old battered mattress: soon they will discover their new home, in which they will certainly thrive. We also hope that their mom quickly finds a loving home forever!

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