These three Puddles and a little Japanese girl will make your day. Tap the link and watch a story!

A girl from Japan, little Mame and three poodles, Koo, Riku and Gaku, live together, roll on the floor, play snowballs, watch TV and have fun in every possible way — and it’s a pleasure to watch their everyday life!

One Japanese grandmother documented the strong friendship between her little granddaughter, Mame, and a huge snow-white dog, Riku. It was 3 years ago, and their photos then spread all over the Internet.

Since then, their family has been replenished, and the company of the grown-up Mama is now made up of her brother Mugi (Mugi) and two more huge, but just as wonderful poodles: the boy Ku (Qoo) and the girl Gaku (Gaku).

The photographer grandma now has almost 560,000 Instagram followers and a plethora of adorable photos of kids hanging out with their furry friends. And this is just a huge concentration of positive and wonderful mood!

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