These 2 cats knocked on the right door and thus qualified for a fresh start!

Lando and Danny will no longer have to lead the life of a drifter, when they only knew it in the first months of their lives. These 2 cats knocked on the right door and thus qualified for a fresh start.
In Corpus Christi, Texas, an elderly man took care of stray cats in his area and fed them daily. Among them, his attention was attracted by 2 young representatives of the cat family; they were always together and came to his garden to ask for food.

The granddaughter of their benefactor came to visit them and was struck by their extremely friendly nature. Nobody in the area knew them, but it seemed that they were always close to people. Besides, they looked like brothers. She then reported it to the local Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Association.
Volunteers from the organization went to the scene and, in turn, were surprised by the meekness of these cats. The latter even entered directly into shipping boxes. The Coastal Cat Rescue Team couldn’t believe it…

The kittens were named Lando and Danny and were estimated to be 6 months old. The duo was then transferred to a foster family. The brothers quickly adapted to the new conditions. “ Both boys are very sweet, nice and friendly. So it’s obvious that they’ve had a lot of contact with people since they were born,» association member Lindsay Haglund says in an interview with Love Meow.

«Find them a new home before the holidays»

Lando and Danny quickly learned how to use the tray. They were already enjoying their new life as house cats.

Lindsey Haglund regularly delivers her news to the granddaughter of the man who collected it. She says she was touched that one of the cats was named Danny after her grandfather.

They will spend a few more days in a foster home before being offered for adoption. «We hope to find a new home for them before the holidays,» says Lindsay Haglund.

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