These 2 blind and inseparable kittens amaze with their adaptability. They are always together!

Kerry, a foster volunteer with Best Friends Felines based in Brisbane, USA, was given two kittens like no one else.

Two toddlers, Pearl and Miley, were found wandering with obvious vision problems. Despite everything, they survived and found food for themselves.
Therefore, Kerry took her two new wards to the veterinary clinic. It was revealed that Pearl suffered from microphthalmos (tiny, deformed eyeballs) and Miley was born with anophthalmos (lack of eyeballs).

Therefore, their blindness is irreversible. However, the two resilient young ladies have proven they can adapt as leaders.

Volunteers immediately noticed how brilliantly Miley and Pearl navigate their environment, no matter how new it may be.

Thanks to their other senses and their whiskers, they accurately determine their location.

“They never skipped the tray, they are bright, happy and playful. They won’t stop purring when they hear us,” Kelly shared.
Therefore, Pearl and Miley quickly appropriated their room, arranged especially for them by their savior.
“I left the room to do some shopping, and when I came back they were both sitting on top of the cat tree, very pleased with themselves,” added a startled Kelly.

However, it is also clear that Miley and Pearl need each other. Their benefactor noticed this on her first visit to the vet.
The caregivers had to decide to examine them together so that they would remain calm and receptive.

“They often touch each other. And when one leaves, the sister calls her with a meow,” Kelly added.

Therefore, the two girls will be offered for adoption together so that they will never be separated. Meanwhile, they begin to explore the rest of the house and get to know the other tenants.

Kelly said that in 15 years of faithful and conscientious service to the association, she had never experienced such strong complicity between two felines.

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