“There was a smile on his face again!” The hospice staff granted the old man’s last wish…Tap the link and watch a video!

An elderly man Patrick was a patient of one of the British hospices. The rest of his life he was bedridden, but he tried not to lose heart.

All the staff of the institution were well aware of his love for horses. These animals have been an integral part of Patrick’s life since childhood.
He was very fond of talking about horses, which he always bred. Realizing that the man was living his last days, the hospice staff decided to surprise him.

They contacted a horse rescue organization to arrange for a last patient-animal meeting. The head of the animal protection organization Ann Sims immediately agreed.
“I was touched by Patrick’s story, so I agreed to bring the horse to the hospital. We were obliged to fulfill his last wish. I think it’s very important to him,» Ann said.

A few days later, Ann arrived at the hospice with a horse named Victor.

“Patrick was delighted! A smile appeared on his face again. This meeting helped him forget about his illness. He was really happy in those moments!” says Ann.
Patrick stroked the horse and fed it carrots. It would seem that these are trifles, but for a man they were very important. Victor behaved very calmly, it seems that he understood what kind of person was in front of him.

In parting, Patrick waved his hand to the horse ….

The man died three days later. But thanks to this gift, he left happy. In the last hours of his life, a smile shone on his face …

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