There is no better guard dog! Two pit bulls rescued children from a poisonous snake…(Video)

Usually, pit bull dogs have a rather dubious reputation.
They are considered formidable dogs and many people are very afraid of them. But these two pet pit bulls broke the stereotype after they saved their owners’ grandchildren from… a venomous snake!

It was a day off…

Zeidan, 4, and his younger sister Mallory were playing in their grandparents’ garden. The favorite pets of the owners of the house, pit bulls Slayer and Paco, also frolicked next to the children.

Suddenly the dogs became alert and began to listen to the rustle coming from the bushes. In an instant, the pit bulls abruptly rushed there to check what was the matter. As it turned out, a dangerous snake was crawling right towards the children!

The dogs attacked the snake and both were wounded.
One snake was bitten in the face, and the other injured its paw. But soon the enemy was killed by dogs!
Grandparents also ran out to the cries of the children. They immediately took the kids into the house and took the pit bulls to the veterinary clinic.

The dogs were immediately examined and, having given them the necessary drugs, they were released home.
Pit bulls have become real heroes for the whole family. They were generously presented with delicious treats, new toys and lots of hugs.

That’s how stereotypes about dogs collapse. They are always devoted to their masters and will come to the rescue, even if they have to risk their own lives.

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