The Woman Was Looking For A Cat For More Than A Year, But A Casual Conversation Helped Her Meet The Pet Again

Natural disasters are one of the most common reasons why people are left homeless. This is exactly what happened to the Strogoff family, who ended up next to the landslide. Frightened people were immediately evacuated before their house collapsed. In all the confusion and panic, two beloved kitties disappeared, and the family had no idea where their pets might have gone.

More than a year has passed since then. People got used to it, but they did not stop grieving for their four-legged favorites. Children were especially worried about missing cats, thinking about where they could have disappeared.
And then something incredible happened!

One day, Noelle Strogoff was talking to a local builder who is renovating houses that were damaged by a landslide. The woman spoke about how two pets — Diamond and Yugette — disappeared during an unpleasant event. The man became interested and asked to show him a photo of the animals. And the next minute, Noelle could hardly contain an exclamation of amazement: the builder said that he was feeding a stray cat, and, judging by his appearance, this is Diamond!

As it turned out, the man took her to the house, and together with Noelle they went to find out the truth. As soon as the woman saw the cat, all doubts disappeared: it really was their Diamond, which they had not seen for 475 days! Who would have thought that the pet would live all this time on the street and eat leftovers, until someone finally takes care of her!

Noelle’s happiness knew no bounds, and when she brought the cat home, the children did not believe their eyes at all. In the first few minutes they were in a daze, trying to «digest» the information that the pet was found and again with them!

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