The woman spends hours looking for her cat… Tap the link and watch a video of an amazing cat rescue!

Jody McCree lives in a multi-apartment residence. She adopted her beloved cat named George while he was a stray. Therefore, she opened the doors of her house to him to offer him a warm environment, love and an always full cup.

Nevertheless, George remained very sociable. He is the star of the apartment complex and goes out every day to say hello to the residents in hopes of picking up some delicacies.
One morning, Jody became worried because her mischievous faithful companion had not returned home as usual.

So she went to look for him and walked through the aisles one by one, but in vain.

“I picked him up in my neighborhood in pajamas with a bag of treats in my hand, which I shook to call him. I looked like crazy and felt accusatory looks on me,” a laughing Jodie told ChatsChiens.

After hours of despair, she finally tracked her down.

“He wondered why I was laughing and not opening the door for him,” Jody explained.

George was finally able to return home after spending over 5 hours at a neighbor’s house. The cat was not at all traumatized by what happened, unlike his mistress.

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