The wild kitten finally dared to take the first step to…She just wants to be held! Tap the link and watch a video.

This time of year is marked by the birth of a large number of wild kittens. A good Samaritan helped a hidden and frightened girl find much-needed comfort and care. And she knew how to express her gratitude.

A man spotted a lost tabby kitten at a mall in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. The little girl somehow took refuge in a tiny hole in the road.
Without waiting, he contacted Mary Chromek, a woman involved in animal welfare. “A few hours later, a very strong storm was predicted, so I rushed to save the child. I arrived and immediately saw his face,” she told Love Meow.

So Mary cured her without difficulty and took her to her home to take care of her. The baby, whom the savior named Belki, was very thin.

So Mary gave her some puree and dedicated the cozy basket. “She is the most adorable, needy and precious little girl. She always wanted to be on me, but she also loves other kittens and explores her surroundings,” Mary said.

Squirrels quickly adapted to this new life surrounded by love and kindness. Every day she blossomed more and more. Therefore , she was able to be transferred to Feline Fanciers Cat Rescue , where she could meet her foster parents .

Meanwhile, she takes full advantage and interacts with the other guests.

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