The Unfortunate Dog, Who Never Looks Anyone Eyes And Has Never Known Love, Regains Strength For Life!

Klementine was found roaming the streets of California (USA). Thin and sick, she was placed in a shelter, where she came close to euthanasia …

The unfortunate dog was waiting for «death row», according to The Dodo. Nobody wanted to adopt him. His life hung in the balance…

Until Chelsea Elizabeth Cossart saw her photo on the shelter’s website. Moved by Clementine’s story, she applied for adoption and was promptly called by a volunteer. «The man from Ginger’s Pet Rescue was stunned and in tears as we took care of her,» the American said. «She told us that of the hundreds of requests for dogs they had received in the previous weeks, none were for Clementine.»

Unlike the others, she decided she would do absolutely anything to help the abandoned animal heal and thrive.

It is important to give only love to your dog!

When Chelsea Elizabeth Cossar first met Clementine, she realized that she had never known love before. “She was terribly afraid of people and didn’t look anyone in the eye,” she explained. “She was shaking all the time, hiding behind furniture and sitting facing the wall. »

As soon as she arrived at her new home, Clementine’s metamorphosis began. She soon became close to her adopted siblings, Moose and Maple, from whom she sought solace.

As for his health issues, it took several visits to the vet. Months of treatment for infections and allergies helped the dog feel better.

Transformation that lasted several months
Clementine’s new family gave her a lot of love every day and never stopped supporting her. 7 months after being rescued, she finally started looking at her adoptive parents. She even stopped shaking.

“She loves looking into our eyes when we pet her and she is very attentive when we talk to her,” Chelsea Elizabeth Cossart said.

Today Clementine is a completely different dog. Her owners reported that she became curious and playful. She also feels safe. “She lays down at our feet when we work from home and loves to have her belly rubbed,” they added.

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