The unexpected reunion of a lost cat and his family after 4 years of torment.

Searching for her 4-year-old cat, a woman was overcome with emotion when she recognized him in photos posted by the Animal Welfare Association. The shelter staff were just as happy to witness such a wonderful reunion.

For the crew at the hideout where he landed, he was nicknamed Bagel. However, his real name, given to him by his owner, whom he was finally able to find, is Tike.

Britney, her owner, has been desperately looking for this adorable cat for 4 long years.

Where could Tyke have been all this time? Was he adopted by another family? How long did he wander? Only a cat knows the answers to all these questions. The only certainty is that he did not lose weight and was therefore fairly well fed.

On Monday, July 18, the Richland County Humane Society, whose shelter is located in Mansfield, Ohio, posted photos of this cat on their Facebook page. She had just picked him up and was trying to find his family. Not knowing his name, the volunteers named him Bagel.

Happiness, 4 years later

Images taken by Britney, her owner. At first it was hard for her to believe it, but after she saw and looked at the photos, there was no doubt left; it was his Tike.

She called the shelter, after which she was asked for photos of the cat and a detailed description to prove that she really was the owner.

She was able to return it the next day. Britney and Tyke obviously wanted to meet again after a long separation. Volunteers too.

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