The Ukrainian dog was injured and starving. When they arrived, he was lying next to the heater…

veterinarian Courtney Katsur from the USA. She works daily at her practice in Virginia.

However, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, she has closely monitored the conditions of life of animals in the field and wanted to support the «Breaking the Chains» association.
The latter works to provide abandoned or injured cats and dogs with care, affection, food and a second chance.

Dr. Courtney Katsur completed her two-week mission with a bang. She worked tirelessly to cure as many innocent people as possible.

However, she was especially noted for a dog with the cute name Lenny.

He didn’t trust anyone

The poor dog was found in a bad condition and scared of people. He was obviously very marked by conflicts.

“He was injured and starving. When I arrived, he was lying next to the heater, ” told Courtney.

So the young woman operated on him, but the unfortunate man showed no signs of improvement. He lay prostrate for 2 days in the corner of the shelter, not deigning to show a single gram of confidence.
So Courtney gave Lenny special attention, giving him the time he needed to accept him by her side.

And one day, to his great surprise, the dog turned the Good Samaritan’s suitcase into his cozy basket.

“From then on, he jumped up and also lay down on my bed to snuggle up to me, whereas before he didn’t even want a person to touch him,” said the benefactress, delighted with such a sudden change in behavior.

Since then, Lenny has become the orphanage’s mascot. He wanders freely along the corridors of the institution and asks for hugs from volunteers.
Meanwhile, Courtney had to return home with a heavy heart to leave Lenny. “I cried so much when I left him… but I know he will be fine now,” said the veterinarian, who is now raising funds to help the organization.

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