Has the thief been caught?!… Car with two dogs was stolen in Milford!

They were stolen while they were in their owner’s car, 2 dogs were found several hours later, tens of kilometers from their home. The vehicle has been in an accident. The kidnapper was arrested by the police.

2 beagle mixes returned home after being abducted from owner’s car.
Early Sunday morning, August 7, Richard Franco, who lives in East Haven, Connecticut, visited a donut shop with his dogs Rascal Flats and Darius Rucker. He left the dogs in his car with the air conditioner on.

Less than a minute later, the BP grabbed the car and left with the dogs inside. The theft was caught on the establishment’s surveillance camera.

As soon as he noticed this, Richard Franco called the emergency services. “All I thought about was that my dogs were in that car,” he says. His wife Lucia Palange was shocked. “Who would jump in a car with two dogs at 6:30 in the morning and leave like that? she asked.

The couple took themselves the other way and went looking for Rascal Flats and Darius Rucker. Local residents also took part.

The car was found wrecked near the railroad at Milford, about twenty miles away. Safe and sound, the dogs returned to their families 7 hours after the abduction.

The thief was arrested by the police. Richard Franco and Lucia Palange’s car had to be towed to a mechanic, and their repair would cost a thousand dollars. What matters to them, however, is that Rascal Flats and Darius Rucker, whom they adopted in 2020 from an orphanage in Tennessee, were unharmed.

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