The therapy dog disappeared when she was accompanying her owner… The young woman was all the more worried that the animal itself was in pain and needed treatment….

In Florida, the owner of a help dog lived 48 hours of torment before the last one returned unharmed, according to CBS News Miami.

On the evening of Sunday, September 4, Veronica Coolous, her dog Daisy and a friend went to Haulover Beach, north of Miami. After bathing, the two young women immediately took a shower. That’s when the animal disappeared.

Because it was a purebred dog, in this case a Spitz, the likelihood of it being stolen was high. Veronica Krutous and her friend searched for her for a long time at the scene, but to no avail.

Daisy needed to be found as soon as possible. Due to convulsions, the female Spitz Naina is being treated. Not forgetting the important role she plays with Veronica Crutous, whom she supports on a daily basis in helping her deal with her anxiety. According to her owner, the 15-month-old dog was really taught to do this.

“This bitch is everything to me. She is my mind. She is my life,” admitted woman.

She notified Miami-Dade police and posted wanted ads on social media promising a $1,000 reward.

Veronica Coolous didn’t hear from Daisy until Tuesday, September 6th. She went to the Miami-Dade Humane Society shelter that day, where she was given the news she hoped for: her dog had been found.

In fact, a few minutes earlier, the man had just returned the animal to the shelter after finding it alone on the street.
Shortly thereafter, Veronica Coolous and Daisy reunited. A moment of great relief and emotion.

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