The story of a kitten and a puppy who were adopted when they were only a few days old become inseparable friends!

Delilah was only 16 days old when she was rescued and placed in the care of Caitlin, a veterinary assistant and volunteer foster mother from Jacksonville, Florida. The kitten was discovered by a high school student on the street alone .

A few days earlier, Caitlin also adopted a puppy under a week old, whom she named Silas. He also needed care and love. The little dog and Delilah got better and better thanks to their caring foster family. They grew, gained weight and strength.

Caitlin decided to introduce them to each other. The connection between the two little creatures was instantaneous. Since then, each consoles the other and gives him courage. They spend most of their time huddled together and become inseparable.

Their benefactor made it a habit to take them to her place of work to take care of them and keep an eye on them all the time. Everyone at the veterinary clinic fell in love with this adorable duo.

At 5 weeks old, Delilah started eating on her own and is learning to use the litter box. Now she is even more confident when she has a friend by her side. These wonderful relationships are necessary for their socialization, for those who were alone in the beginning.

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