The Spider Man famous stars Zendaya and Tom Holland adopted a dog together! The actors are already have their loving pets.

He responds to the name Pistachio and is a magnificent pit bull with white and black hair. This dog is now part of a family of artists formed by a couple who met while filming one of the opuses of the Spider-Man saga. This is Zendaya and Tom Holland. The news of the four-legged adoption was reported on July 3rd.

Tom Holland is a 26-year-old British actor who has portrayed Spider-Man since Captain America: Civil War in 2016. A native of Kingston upon Thames in southwest London has been with Zendaya for several years.

Pistachio will meet the couple’s other two dogs

Zendaya already had a dog prior to Pistachio’s adoption, in this case Schautser named Noon.

Tom Holland also owns another four-legged friend, an American Staffordshire Terrier female named Tessa.

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