The Saint Bernard From The USA Has The Longest Tongue In The World!

A dog lives in the state of North Dakota in the USA, which was recently included in the Guinness Book of Records.
St. Bernard named Mochi has the longest tongue among dogs in the whole world. Its length is — 18.58 centimeters!

Mochi is now eight years old. Her owner, Carla Ricket, adopted a pet from a shelter when the dog was two years old. The woman claims that Mochi is a very friendly, cheerful, carefree and smart dog with a wonderful character.

Mochi loves to be dressed up in costumes, photographed and treated to sweet potatoes.

In her hometown, everyone knows this “speaking” resident — she is a local landmark there. The dog is already used to the fact that passers-by are photographed with it and want to get to know each other better.

In fact, the presence of a long tongue brings some inconvenience. So, it is inconvenient for the baby to take treats from the hands of the hostess, and when the pet is nervous, it releases a lot of saliva and garbage begins to stick to the mouth.

In front of Mochi in the Guinness Book of Records was Puggy the Pekingese, whose tongue was 11.43 cm long.

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