The rescued cat weighed only 140 grams. He has demonstrated unprecedented resilience to survive!

The Best Friends Felines association was contacted to rescue Dixie, a one week old kitten. Georgia, a volunteer host, took her under her wing. But won nothing!

Indeed, the poor little girl suffered from stunting. In addition, she had to go without food for several hours, and therefore she was lethargic. “Her eyes hadn’t opened yet and she couldn’t suck on a bottle,” Georgia said.

Dixie was placed in an incubator to maintain her body temperature. Similarly, her benefactor fed her through a tube for several days, because she needed to be hydrated and get nutrients.

This combination allowed the young lady to get back some of the beast’s hair. However, she developed an intolerance that caused stomach problems.

“It’s very hard for a newborn to put up with all this, but she coped,” Georgia said.

The treatment prescribed by the veterinarian gave the desired effect. Dixie recovered as a cook and opened her eyes to start exploring her surroundings.
“She was on the right track and was now drinking her bottle like an adult, which allowed her to put on weight,” she added.

Indeed, in 4 weeks, Dixie lost weight from 140 to 300 grams of body weight. Even if that wasn’t enough, it was a real victory for the duo.

Since then, the kitten has continued to develop. She gradually revealed her mischievous and affectionate little personality. She played all day and wandered at the feet of her foster mother.

Therefore, Georgia told herself at the time that it was time for her to get to know her relatives so that she would know self-love and that she would socialize.

Therefore, Dixie continues to grow under the best patronage, surrounded by love and kindness.
“Like most hand-raised babies, Dixie is very affectionate and loves to snuggle up to people,” said Georgia, who was delighted to see her doing well.

Dixie will stay with her benefactor for a few more weeks before being offered for adoption. There is no doubt that her sweet face will win hearts.

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