The rescue story of a cachectic dog found alone in an abandoned apartment by his owner.

Hungry, lonely and completely lost… In this state, Tilou — that’s what the rescuers called him — was discovered and rescued by a local association in Haute-Savoie. This dog was alone in the apartment where his owner lived, who left this place for weeks without worrying about his fate.
The dog, abandoned by its owner in the apartment it occupied, was rescued by the association of Haute-Savoie and is taken care of by the association.
The rescue took place on Tuesday, September 27, in an unsanitary apartment at Annemas (74). That morning, the Animal Rescue: Le Refuge de l’Espoir team, based in the nearby town of Artaz-Pont-Notre-Dame, found the dogs there in a highly disturbing condition.

The dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier, was about a year old and was skin and bones. His owner left the home for several days, possibly weeks, leaving the animal locked up and without any means.

Named Tilu by members of the Animal Welfare Association, he certainly would not have lived long under such conditions. Their intervention literally saved his life.

Reporting abuse to the police
This was the beginning of the end of a nightmare for Tilu, who is now in good hands and receiving all the care and attention he needs for a gradual recovery.

On their Facebook page, Animals Rescue: The Refuge of Hope also indicated that they filed a complaint with the Annemasse police station to «convict their executioner».

“The fight goes on again and again,” concludes the association’s post (below), which includes photographs showing the dilapidation of the apartment and especially the extreme thinness of the dog.

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