The rescue of Rosabella, a dog abandoned in the cold and among the garbage, is a Christmas miracle for the one who adopted her.

Dog called ‘Christmas miracle’ after being rescued from abuse
For Rosabella, the chances of salvation seemed very slim. Volunteer foster mother Breanna Jensen told WAGM that if this dog «hadn’t been found that day, it wouldn’t have survived.»

In early December, a white dog was found locked in a cage surrounded by rubbish when the temperature was barely above 4°C. Cold and exhausted, Rosabella slept on the floor. She was skin and bones and suffered from dehydration. In addition, his legs were deformed due to confinement.

Rosabella was then recruited by Ruff Start Rescue, a local organization based in Princeton, Minnesota. When she came across a photo of a dog posted on the organization’s website, Breanna Jensen learned about her story. She immediately offered to take him to her.

A volunteer and her family put her on a special diet to help her regain weight and strength. For 2 weeks she gained almost 5 kg and she was getting better and better.

Breanna Jensen describes her as «playful and funny». The dog loves to run around the garden and gets along well with other dogs in the family. “She is our Christmas miracle,” concludes her benefactor.

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