The rebirth of Bailey, a blind and malnourished dog that roamed Reunion Island.

In December 2021, Bailey, after a long journey, reached the capital of France. This new start in life allowed him to bury the bad memories he had accumulated on Reunion Island. Blind and mistreated, the dog could count on the invaluable support of volunteers.

Bailey survives. Corpse, lazy and lonely, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois pounded the asphalt in a sad state until the association took care of him.

“We realized that he couldn’t see, examinations revealed complete blindness, which would clearly be the result of an injury. The veterinarian suggested that Bailey was always kept in the dark, which prevented her vision from developing. His rescuers wondered how he managed to survive with such an illness … It’s simple: the young dog is a warrior.

changing his uniform, the survivor was transferred to Paris. Bailey said goodbye to the rainforest, Piton de la Fournaise and the Indian Ocean before boarding the plane. After a long 12-hour journey, the four-legged traveler was welcomed by the host family with open arms.

While the meter was already showing thousands of kilometers, the Malinois set off again: towards the south of France, where he was temporarily settled by another house. This new «road» adventure is made possible by the association

Settling in Var, Bailey benefited from educational pursuits adapted to his blindness. As our interlocutors reported, his tutor «had a lot of faith in him, in his intelligence and his ability to adapt.»

Joyful and “very receptive to specific knowledge,” the quadruped has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. Our little hero quickly learned to climb stairs and navigate. Gifted with exceptional courage, he turned his handicap into strength. Bailey is a true inspiration to us humans.

But don’t think that this is where the great odyssey of the former barefoot man ended… The protagonist of this story has gone through an important stage that has significantly changed his life.

“Bailey was adopted by a family that already has a dog,” the volunteers told, “the presence of a relative was necessary for his development.»
Violence, fear, hunger, thirst, suffering… These bad conditions eventually sank into a blanket of mist. The pale ghosts carried away this evil of the past forever, letting serenity hold the reins.

Today Bailey is happier than ever. In addition to enjoying many hikes, he swims like a fish in water! “His disability is almost invisible, he loves life so much,” said Alicia, a volunteer of the Au petit bonheur de nos perdus association, “he walks without a leash and obeys reminders, guided by his assistant and the voice of his people.»

Animals teach us many lessons. Bailey, who will celebrate her second candle in October, taught the volunteers not to give up. “We feared for his future,” the team members concluded, “and that his disability was an obstacle to his adoption. He proved to us just the opposite.»

Despite being locked in darkness due to his blindness, Bailey’s eyes are shining and shining with happiness.

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